Rand Williams

Managing Partner

Rand has more than ten years of experience in the employee benefits arena and is the visionary with regard to Healthcare Reform, Benefit Admin and HR IT Solutions, and ACA Compliance services. Rand brings a combination of youth and experience to The Sorin Group. Prior to becoming our managing partner, he worked with a family-owned local employee benefits firm for seven years, and he has been in the industry since graduating college in 2005. He takes a business consultant’s approach to employee benefit program design, implementation, and ongoing support. He would insist that The Sorin Group not be called “insurance brokers” or “insurance agents” because our holistic approach provides clients with solutions that produce bottom-line results and help them achieve their unique goals.  This can be accomplished with a customized and consultative process using employee feedback, creativity, and improved efficiencies, all while remaining compliant with the ever-changing laws. This process allows for improved employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity that is directly related to an employee’s benefit package and the ongoing support we strive to provide.  Rand is a Raleigh native and a graduate of the College of Charleston where he played on the golf team and competed against many of today’s PGA tour players.  His wife Katherine owns a local fitness and wellness studio called CORE in the downtown Raleigh area.  Rand and Katherine have a 2 year old son “Jack” and their daughter “Kate” joined them in early August 2016.


Ed Williams


Ed brings 35 plus years of experience in the industry to The Sorin Group. He has spent his entire career in insurance brokerage and financial advisory consulting. His primary focus has always been helping business owners and HR with their employee benefits, insurance, and executive/ownership benefit needs. Ed enjoys working with closely held companies and family owned businesses where he can develop a long term relationship with multiple generations of ownership and management within a business. His experience, personalized approach, and knowledge as it relates to executive planning and business continuity make him a valuable resource for The Sorin Group clients. Ed graduated from Wake Forest University and grew up in North Carolina. He is married with two boys.


Rod Garnas


Rod is a seasoned consultant/broker with more than 25 years of employee benefit experience. Rod’s approach is to “sit in the chair” of the decision maker and analyze the benefit package from their side of the deck and consult from that vantage point. Rod looks at the big picture of health care reform and helps decipher how decisions made today will affect the client in the years to come. Rod was previously CEO of Empire Insurance Services and merged his agency with The Sorin Group in 2010. Rod, a graduate of Iowa State University, and his wife Kim have a son Reynolds. His interests are flying, running and reading.


Ed Thompson


Ed comes to The Sorin Group with a broad background of more than 30 years in employee benefits. He joined his father’s insurance business shortly after graduating from Wake Forest University. After the company was acquired, Ed chose to expand his horizons by working on the carrier side for several years. During that time, more and more of his employer clients had a greater interest in brainstorming with Ed about the broader picture of managing their employee benefits rather than just discussing one or two facets of the program.  It was then that Ed realized his true calling was in consulting. Few things make Ed happier than sitting down with an employer and finding out about his or her background, the mission of the company, the culture of its staff, and the goals that management has set in order to attract and retain the best employees. With Ed’s wide range of knowledge and ability to think outside the ubiquitous box, he especially thrives when given the opportunity to provide unique and creative strategies within self-insured programs.  These strategies and solutions are intended to accomplish the employers’ goals of providing well-rounded benefits to employees while still reversing the proverbial cost curve rather than just bending it.  Raised in northern Virginia, Ed has called North Carolina home for 20 years. He and his wife have two daughters and live in Pinehurst with their Great Pyrenees rescue.

Todd Gecewicz


Todd is the newest member of our consulting team bringing 14 years of insurance and HR experience to The Sorin Group.  His background and knowledge in enrollment experiences is key in helping employees understand and appreciate the benefits they are offered by their employers.  Todd grew up outside of Buffalo NY and as a former collegiate and professional athlete, he understands teamwork and how to bring the right people together to provide the correct solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  He has spent his entire insurance career in the Raleigh area after moving to the area 20 years ago when he joined the US Army.  He has two teenage children, Grace and Connor, who are also very active in sports.  Tod is an avid crossfitter and is a competitive triathlete as well.

John Geddie


John’s insurance career started in 1998 right out of college with the MassMutual Financial Group. Three years later he formed Glenwood Benefit Advisors, an employee benefits brokerage, and merged this business with The Sorin Group in July 2011. Working with small and mid-sized businesses, John excels in listening to clients’ objectives and frustrations and developing creative, problem-solving strategies that address their needs. John is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Accounting and lives in Raleigh with his wife and twin boys.


Gary Roscoe

HR Advisor

Gary offers 30 years’ experience in HR/Compliance, serving a wide variety of industries and company cultures. This experience has culminated in helping companies develop the HR strategies and skills to make better hiring decisions; keep employees satisfied with their work life; improve supervisors’ ability to manage consistently, communicate effectively, and exhibit the care that enhances morale, productivity and your bottom line—all while keeping an eye on compliance issues.

Carolyn Meiners

Risk Management Analyist

Our latest addition to The Sorin Group, Carolyn Meiners, brings with her over a decade’s worth of knowledge on large group self-funding, TPA administration, and insurance plan design strategic planning.  Carolyn started her insurance career in business development marketing professional liability to physicians and later transitioned into group health insurance sales.  In 1998, she was appointed director of the North Carolina Dental Society Healthcare Plan and subsequently moved that program to a self-insured MEWA (Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement) platform with direct oversight of the in-house TPA. Several years later, Carolyn took on the director role for another self-funded, association healthcare plan created for NC county government employees. Within eighteen months, the plan was transitioned to an in-house TPA and both the claims administrator and the pharmacy benefit manager were moved to new vendors. A robust data mining and claims reporting system was implemented and a supplemental PPO was built to improve service to the plan. After a fourteen years in the health insurance business, Carolyn took time off to raise her children and returned to the workplace in 2015.  Carolyn grew up in Wilson, graduated from North Carolina State University, and decided to remain in our state’s capital. She and her husband, an officer in the NCNG Army Special Forces, have two young children. In addition to her family, Carolyn loves travelling to the Outer Banks, cooking, taking fitness classes and raising Newfoundlands.

Becky Mayer

Lead Client Manager

Becky is at the forefront of our employee benefits business service team, meeting the needs of all of our clients HR departments and individual employees at open-enrollment and 365 days out of the year.  Becky is passionate about strategically finding ways to optimize administration of benefits while preserving the personalized service experience for the employees and their family members of the businesses she works with today.  She has been in insurance for over seven years, and came to the industry with an absolute expertise in administration and customer service as well as in accounting. Becky and her husband live in Holly Springs with their three daughters.


Jennifer McCurdy

Lead Client Manager and Claims Advocate

Jennifer has been a recent and welcomed addition to The Sorin Group team in 2016 but she is no stranger to employee benefits management and administration.  Jennifer has over 5 years of experience working as a client service coordinator for both national and local employee benefit consulting firms in the area.  She also has over 10 years experience in the insurance industry as a whole with experience in individual life, disability, long term care, and property and casualty insurance servicing.  Jennifer enjoys working with a business’s management and HR but she especially enjoys working with their employees and family members when it comes to benefit education and claim support.  She is our claims advocacy point person, going to bat for members who feel they need assistance understanding how their insurance will pay (or not pay) under various scenarios.  This could be helping a member in considering the variables of how a service may be covered prior to the service occurring.  Or… helping to audit claims for accuracy after a service has occurred when confusion is almost always inevitable in this day in age.  We encourage our clients to contact us before the insurance company 800 #’s and Jennifer can provide education, piece of mind, and help file claims when necessary.  She can often avoid hours of frustration or misunderstandings caused by misinformation or finger pointing between providers and insurance companies.  Jennifer lives in Holly Springs and is engaged to her fiancé Lynn who works in telecommunications.  They each have one child and they have two dogs and it is no secret they are animal lovers.


Christa Sturdevant

Special Projects Manager and Open Enrollment Coordinator

Christa is by far the most educated team member at The Sorin Group.  Prior to joining us, Dr. Christa Sturdevant obtained her B.A. in Molecular Biology and a B.S. in Corporate Finance with a concentration in Marketing from Lehigh University.  Shortly after, she earned her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from UNC Chapel Hill and spent two years in the lab working for Duke University in AIDS research before becoming a mother in 2014.  You might ask what her background has to do with employee benefits and the answer would be absolutely nothing.  Christa realized her biggest passion was to be a mother but she also wanted to pursue rewarding work with flexible hours which was very difficult to obtain in the lab/research arena.  We immediately realized that her diverse and impressive background combined with her business and people skills would make her a great asset for The Sorin Group.  Christa assists our clients with data analysis and benchmarking behind the scenes, HR systems and Benefit Admin IT system implementation, and overall open-enrollment coordination and support.  She also assists with helping clients customize, implement, and manage wellness programs tailored to their organization’s unique goals.  Christa and her husband Dan live in Raleigh with their daughter Elsa Claire who is now two years old.