Employee Benefits

Leverage our expertise and resources

Employers rely on us to design, implement, and manage their employee benefit programs, tailored to achieve their unique goals, not someone else’s.

Helping Your Business Manage Employee Benefits:

Leader in pharmacy transparency solutions for self-insured and partially self-insured medical plans.

* Help clients reduce pharmacy spend 20% or more from current billed charges without impacting employees
* Help clients capture and benefit from all pharmacy industry “backroom deals” where transparency is lacking.

Innovative and Proprietary HRA solutions built to allow small businesses to lower total health plan expenses without reducing benefits.
Customized, no obligation review of your programs, including claim data mining and program benchmarking.
Employee Survey Solutions for Customized Program Design based on your employee’s feedback which matters most.
We leverage our preferred carrier contracts due to volume and long term relationships allowing us to obtain the very best negotiated rates for our clients fully insured medical and non-medical programs.
Customize communication and education planning for your employees not just at open-enrollment but all year long: We utilize our people and our best in class technology while also integrating and planning around the needs of your existing technology, people, and personalities.
We help you examine the perceived worth of your benefit plan dollars versus a payroll dollar in eyes of your work force: This unique discovery process helps you design programs that achieve optimal employee appreciation and return on investment for the employer.